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UNI-MASZ H.M.JUSZCZUK Sp.J.founded in 1996, based in Panieńszczyzna (commune Jastkow near Lublin) is a leading Polish manufacturer of food processing machines and equipment.

UNI-MASZ - WHO WE ARE                                   

UNI-MASZ H.M.JUSZCZUK Sp.J.founded in 1996, based in Panieńszczyzna (commune Jastkow near Lublin)  is a leading Polish manufacturer of food  processing  machines and equipment.

Our company designs and manufactures vegetable, fruit and herb processing machines for small, middle-size and large enterprises.


The principal activity of the company is to design, construct and manufacture machinery for the food industry. We specialize in the production of equipment for technology transport, pre-treatment of fruit and vegetables, construction of technological lines, machines for sorting, washing, crushing, mixing, steaming, glazing, weighing, packing, metal detection accordance with HACCP and EU standards. The row materials which can be treated are: root and leafy vegetables, fresh or frozen fruits, herbs, champignons, mushrooms. Manufactured devices are made of stainless steel and materials approved for contact with a food. Our qualified and experienced staff can fulfill various unusual, individual orders according to our own or entrusted projects. We use our own modern machinery.


We continue to develop equipment by combining new technology with trusted techniques learned from our engineering experience. The company carries out innovative projects thanks to European Union funds. We intensify our efforts to acquire new customers and enter new markets. We are present at the International Fair and Exhibitions, participate in trade missions. Recipients of our equipment on a large scale are the companies processing fruits and vegetables and cold stores, among them Materne, Agrana together with its daughter company in Egypt, Hortino, Herbapol and many companies from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.


Our strength lies in our ability to offer our clients effective and efficient solutions which are the result of combining our rich experience, use of modern technology and good service and customer support. Professionalism and integrity ensures satisfaction for every customer, from the smallest to the largest businesses. Our machines and equipment are of very high quality, easy to use and maintain.

Contact us to discuss your project. We look forward to working with you!

21-002  Jastków, Panieńszczyzna, ul.Chmielowa 6,  Poland 

tel :  export     +48  81  471 49 59          

e-mail: ;


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