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WB Consulting Group is an enterprise dealing with consultancy services for commercial companies

WB Consulting Group is an enterprise dealing with consultancy services for commercial companies. The WB Consulting Group has been operating in the market since 2005 and within the remaining years has completed successfully many projects which delivered operational benefits for the WB Consulting Group customers.

The distinguishing feature of the services offered by the WB Consulting Group is individual relations connecting principals and the WB Consulting Group’s consultant.

The WB Consulting Group always offers practical attitude and adjusts managerial tools, procedures, and final programs to specific needs of the principals.

The WB Consulting Group cooperating together with the principal:

-diagnoses organizational areas which can be optimized,

-creates action plans aiming at higher efficiency of managerial procedures,

-can be active participant of an implementation phase of new business solutions,


The most impressive business projects prepared by the WB Consulting Group up to now have been addressed to companies operating in FMCG and industrial goods industries. By a use of universal diagnostic methods the WB Consulting Group is able to cooperate with all kinds of commercial organization regardless of industry, business dimension, or kind of activity.


Areas of Cooperation

The scope of a potential cooperation undertaken by the WB Consulting Group is very wide. Among others, the projects made with international partners can include activities as follows;

• participation in business negotiations as a representative of international companies,

• representation of business partners’ interests in front of served markets,

•preparation of marketing analyses of different industries in Poland,

•creation of programs for companies interested in leading business operations in Poland,

•consultation of different business assumptions oriented for investment activities in Poland,


The WB Consulting Group does not prepare theoretical analyses. The company, together with its cooperators, after investigating all factors, assumptions and requirements, creates ready to use solutions, and is able to be an active participant of their implementation.


List of Projects

List of the most important projects created by the WB Consulting Group since 2005 includes;

1. The Audit of the Trade and Production Company – The project consisted of multi-tools diagnosis of the company’s position and evaluation of future business potential within the following areas: marketing, finance, supply chain, production and sales. The internal evaluation has been compared with external factors and market surrounding. The project described the company’s situation by a use of the Michael Porter’s five forces analysis, BCG/GE portfolio analysis and ADL matrix.

2. The Strategy’s Analysis / Concept of New Organization’s Strategy – The comprehensive analysis of strategy’s assumptions, their evaluation and creation of new strategic proposals implemented through a use of supportive tools; Balanced Scorecard and Agility Loop.

  • Evaluation      of Organization’s External Surrounding,
  • Strategic      Diagnosis of the Organization’s Assets (both tangible and intangible),
  • ”Functional      Programs of Action” as elements on the New Strategy’s process of      implementation,


3. Selling Strategy of the New Group of Products – The project described activities aimed at launching a new group of products to the company’s offer. Comprehensive program took into account as the most decisive factor mutual cooperation between separate departments of the company; marketing, purchasing, production, and sales.

4. Restructuring of Trade and Production Department – The overall project restructuring an enterprise dealing with production and trade activity. The project includes guidelines dealing with the supply chain management, production activity and the packet of steps intensifying selling programs in light of critical risk factors (Operating Cycle, Profitability Analysis, Durability Analysis of Relations with the Environment, Safety of Receivables).

5. Cost Optimization Analysis – The project diagnosed reserve costs in the company of profile production - trade. Package of proposed changes take into account the list of areas and measures to reduce the level of costs incurred by the organization.

6. Audit of Purchasing and Sales Departments – The analysis of operating synergy between purchasing and selling activity in the trade company. (the concept of Lean Management).

7. Industries Analyses – food; fruit and vegetable preserves, fish; frozen, smoked, fresh, ready meals, bakery: frozen, chilled, technical; construction chemicals, electronic security systems, services; catering industry, business consulting (diagnosis of competitive advantage for the organizations in the context of specific industry conditions).

8. Market Entry Strategy – The project has described opportunities and limitations connected with launching a company’s offer to the Polish market. The analysis has been prepared for the international company operating in the food industry.

9. Positioning Strategy – The analysis has been created for an investor who wanted to compare its products’ portfolio with already available in Poland products launched by the company’s competitors. The analysis has described hypothetical launching strategies for the Polish market (Portfolio / Project Management, 4xP: Product, Price, Promotion, Place).


In addition the WB Consulting Group took part in preparing and implementing functional action plans within the following areas of organizational management.
1. Systems of Promotional Selling (discount systems, systems of bonus sale)
2. Evaluation of Business Risk (evaluation of risk factors within financial, market, operational perspectives),
3. Employee Incentive Systems (employees evaluation aimed at strengthening personal efficiency)
4. Loyalty Systems,
5. Optimal Presentation of Commerce Offer (positioning of products’ group),
6. Marketing Plan
7. Recruitment Processes for Key Positions,
8. Project Management Investment Processes,
9. Assessment of the Company’s Finance (in light of organizational efficiency),
10. Trade Negotiations (support of multiple, complex negotiation rounds with domestic and international suppliers and buyers [negotiations conducted in English] and integrated commercial structures / chains of stores /suppliers of materials and services, and independent distributors in Poland and in CCE).

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