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a leader in the sale and production of goods in the food industry on the Polish and European market.





We produce thermostable fillings for cakes, poppy-seed weight, jam, plum jam, marmalade, canned vegetables and fruits.
We offer product branded own names: HELCOM, Biooaza, Athina and Barri and supply products under its own brands of our clients. We also offer the service of packaging dried fruits, grains and seeds in plastic packaging.
We are an importer and distributor of many products imported from more than 40 countries worldwide. We export to countries of the EU and outside the EU.
We supply fruit and vegetable processing plants, bakeries, pastry shops, wholesale food companies in the HORECA sector, retail chains.
We offer canned fruits and vegetables,  frozen fruits and vegetables, olive oil, olives, dried fruits, nuts, fillings for cakes, poppy-seed fillings, jams,  fruit, vegetables concentrates,  fish, pasta and others.
We have Quality Certificate ISO and HACCP.

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