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We are a experienced and familiar with the public procurement market in Poland. is the first and largest project of our company. For many years we are delivering information about tenders announced to our Customers in the form of reports to the e-mail, as well as via the web site. We are keeping a leadership position among such services on the market. Every day, our team monitors the tens of thousands of sources of

information, such as the press and the Internet, resulting in several thousand new ads a day, we monitor EU subsidies, planned investments, public procurement below the amount the application of Public Procurement Law. Additional service which we provide is the creation of reports (examples in attachment), which summarize every industry in a certain period of time. They are a valuable source of information on the whole public procurement market in Poland.

We provide source data along with a description of their research process. This gives the possibility to verify the analysis, based on which reports are made.

We give ready files from the database for independent analysis, or on request analyse them ourselves based on customer guidelines.

The elements necessary for determining the market that we can get:

- We can determine market demand for the product / service on the basis of current tenders or predict the pace of future events based on historical data.

- After the date of the contract in public orders - we can finally determine the best time for the product, as well as a period of decline in its popularity. It will also be important information for what periods you can to prepare for tenders, which in many areas are announced periodically.

- Such and many other data we can discover in a sea of information which is public procurement.

We do not do research on the basis of random samples - we investigate all orders held in our country.

If you think that we could help in the entrance of a new product / service / market competition analysis Polish companies - please contact us at the following data.


Izabela Domitrz (polish)

tel: (+48)86 275 85 45

Grupa BIZNES POLSKA - Wnorowski i wspólnicy spółka jawna

ul. Kościelna 44, 18-200 Wysokie Mazowieckie

NIP 722-150-49-03, REGON 451199239, KRS 0000305115

e-mail:, INFOLINIA: 800 140 460


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