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manufacturer of the foliar fertilizers


Our company is a manufacturer of the foliar fertilizers Ferti. Technological advance of these fertilizers make them available within a small amount of European manufacturers only.

The innovative feature in the production of our foliar fertilizers is that their components are broken down into the size of nanoparticles. Since the particles of the fertilizers are considerably small, the nutrients can be easily absorbed by plants. Perfectly chosen composition and extremely high quality of our fertilizers increase the efficiency of crop production. This can be noticed not only in the growth but also in the quality of crop yields. Foliar fertilizers are completely safe in use. Every product can be chosen considering  the special requirements of each specific plant. Our prices are also a huge advantage our company can offer. We sell our fertilizers on good terms and conditions for all - individual clients, stores and warehouses. 



ul. Chałubińskiego 8

00-613 Warszawa

Tel/fax + 48 22 487 83 81


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