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a professional manufacturer of wide range stainless steel products for food-processing industry


We are a professional manufacturer of wide range stainless steel products for food-processing industry. Mainly equipment for slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, but also for other branches of food sector. To familiarize yourself with all of our product range visit our web site

Our basic guideline is the provision of high-quality products and meeting the needs of even the most demanding clients.

In our company we attribute utmost importance to hygiene, ergonomics, safety, quality and animal welfare so that every installation independent from its automation level - meets the highest standards. Our efficiency guarantees the competitiveness of our customers: each plan is optimized to make the best use of human and capital resources.

We want to successfully develop, produce and sell high-quality cutting and processing systems, contributing to a better quality in cutting accuracy, improved earnings for our customers and better working environment for the employees.

Well over 300 articles can be found in our standard program. Specific customization of products is carried out in our factory.

Our target market is the food-processing industry. The main focus lies at the slaughterhouses and meat-processing companies, however, our high-grade steel technology in all areas of the food manufacturers finds its application.

Area of business (key words):

  • Kosher meat partitioning line
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Plant meat and poultry
  • Restaurants, bars, canteens
  • Kitchen hospital and school
  • Laboratory equipment for stainless steel
  • Belt conveyor
  • Dehairing
  • Dehydration linear,, 180 "
  • Dehydrationslottype,, omega "
  • Device for washing gloves partitioning
  • Floor drainDN 50 -side outlet
  • Floor drainDN 50 -vertical outlet
  • Grate fi 100 to dehydration - vertical outlet
  • Gratefi 100 to dehydration-side outlet
  • Grateround DN 100-side outlet
  • Knifes UV Sterilizer
  • Konwojer (conveyor vertical and horizontal)
  • Lifter for Cymbers
  • Line cutting poultry
  • Line of Carving beef
  • Line of Carving Pork
  • Lockers to worker room
  • Photocell Sink
  • Photocell Sink on the wall
  • roller Conveyor
  • Shelving for clean clothes
  • Shoe dryer
  • Sink
  • Smoking trolley type,, Z "
  • Soap dispenser or disinfectant
  • Table for cutting poultry
  • Tippler for cymbers
  • Transporter


Tel. +48 32 616 75 68, +48 32 616 28 69

Faks. +48 32 616 28 70




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