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Contact person
Marek Buczkowski
Phone: 58 554 92 13

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Polski,

Description of the contract

It is my pleasure to inform you that the 16th edition of the BALT-MILITARY-EXPO Baltic Military Fair will take place at the AMBEREXPO MTG SA EXHIBITION and CONVENTION CENTRE in Gdańsk, Poland, April 20-22, 2021. The honorary patronage over the fair has been taken by Mr. Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland.

BALT-MILITARY-EXPO is inseparably tied to the sea and the coast. It focuses on maritime safety and security, sea- and land-based defence and rescue systems. BME is organized in close partnership with Poland’s General Command of Branches of Polish Armed Forces and the Inspectorate for the Navy.

BALT-MILITARY-EXPO are organized in cooperation with Ministry of National Defence, Inspectorate for the Navy, General Command of Branches of Polish Armed Forces, Maritime Operations Centre – Maritime Component Command. Exhibition is dedicated to Polish Navy, special units, Military Gendarmerie, Border Guard, Police, State Fire Service, Customs Service and the Central Board of Prison Service.

BALT-MILITARY-EXPO features conferences and exhibitions: 9th NATCON International Science and Technology Conference Naval Technologies for Defence and Security,

The aim of NATCON is to build a platform for information exchange between the future users, the industry and R&D institutes of the Baltic Sea Region countries, with the following priority topics: solutions in maritime military technology, security and safety at sea and on the coast, in ports and critical infrastructure facilities, as well as in sea search and rescue. This subject matter fits in with Poland’s Ministry of National Defence Strategy covering priority research directions for 2021-2035. The Conference is organised by: CTM SA Maritime Technology Research and Development Centre, AMW Polish Naval Academy and MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co.

5rd RESCUE EXPO International Conference and Exhibition of Medical

The aim of the project is to present the latest trends and standards of procedure in rescue operations and emergency medicine, as well as to enable the exchange of know-how, experience and expectations between the research community, manufacturers, suppliers and users of equipment. The event is dedicated to all entities operating under Poland’s Emergency Medical Services (PRM). The event is organized in close partnership with the Polish Professional Paramedic Association (SZRM).

BALT-MILITARY-EXPO is not only about a trade show with conferences and exhibitions but also about spectacular demonstrations of counter-terrorism and rescue operations on the waters of the Port of Gdynia, near Kościuszki Square (Bay of Gdańsk).

In a time-honoured tradition, BME will feature the presentation of the Republic of Poland President’s Award; the Rear Admiral Xawery Czernicki Grand Prix; the award promotes products which are of the greatest merit to both the Polish Armed Forces and the services subject to Poland’s Ministry of Interior, and which feature novel technological solutions and unique operational qualities. The Award Committee will select the winner of the Grand Prix and winners of three equal prizes: BME Amber Medallions. Awards will also be presented by: Poland’s Minister of National Defence, Polish Navy Inspector, the PIPNOK Polish Chamber of National Defence Manufacturers, Polish Border Guard Commander-in-Chief, AMW Polish Naval Academy Commander-Rector and the Executive Board of the KSOIN National Classified Information Protection Society.

BALT-MILITARY-EXPO is visited by official foreign delegations invited by Poland’s Ministry of National Defence, military attacheś accredited in Poland and by a large contingent of guests from abroad representig military formations and arms producers.


  • Security, fire-fighting, police and defence equipment



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