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65th National Exhibition of Carrier Pigeons and the International Pigeons Exhibition

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We look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce's from 9 to 11 January 2015




Ladies and Gentlemen!

We look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce's
from 9 to 11 January 2015 at the 65th National Exhibition of Carrier Pigeons and the International Pigeons Exhibition.




In December Targi Kielce's is the stage for the regional pigeons exhibitions, at the beginning of January Targi Kielce will be the venue for the 65th National Exhibition of Carrier Pigeons and the International Pigeons Exhibition. The winged beauties will "fly in" to Kielce from all corners of Poland as well as from Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Germany


 From 9 to 11 January the exhibition halls wit be the display for almost two thousand of the most beautiful pigeons. The Exhibition is organised by the Polish Association of Carrier Pigeons and the Polish Association of Carrier Pigeons -Kielce District.

 From among the pigeons put on show at the Exhibition the jury panel will select the Polish national representation for the European Exhibition of Racing Pigeons. The exhibition programme encompasses the awarding ceremony of Poland's Champions in the General Championship and of Champions in particular categories for 2014. 
The National Exhibition of Carrier Pigeons is the most important annual event for carrier pigeon breeders.


 This year's exhibition is accompanied with thematic conferences. Veterinary Physician Ryszard Chorąży - a specialist in poultry and ornamental birds diseases, the representative of the Health Centre for Pigeon - Western Pomerania Division will be speaking about "Pharmacological enhancement of carrier pigeons trainings and racings ". The audience will be familiarised with  "Modern herbal medicine as an alternative to increasing antibiotic resistance" by the Veterinary Physician Mariusz Krawczyński of the Masovia Department of Health Centre for Pigeons .


 At Targi Kielce the turn of the year is a real treat for pigeons aficionados. December and January will see as many as the seven thematic meetings. Almost four thousand visitors are expected to join the last-in-the-series event - the January's National Exhibition of Pedigree Pigeons and Small Livestock. This edition, held on 24 and 25 January will be the showcase for  4500 pigeons, 300 specimens of ornamental poultry and more than 200 rabbits  . The exhibition has been complemented with by a rich and diversified programme; the attractions galore include obstacle course for rabbits, pigeons and rabbits as magic tricks stars.


Product and service categories:


  • Nutrients and food for pigeons
  • Pigeon breeding  accessories
  • Medical products for pigeons



   1 Zakładowa Street, 25 - 672 Kielce

Telephone: +4841 365 12 21, +4841 365 14 01

fax +4841 345 62 61




 a professional and experienced organizer of trade fairs, conferences, seminars and concerts. Targi Kielce offers cutting-edge infrastructure including the Congress Centre with 19 rooms and the seating capacity of over 1,000 people. Targi Kielce is ranked second among all Central and Eastern Europe’s trade fair and exhibition centres, this is also one of the two leaders in the Polish market. Every year the expos staged in Kielce attract 220,000 visitors from all  corners of the world.




Bartłomiej Terlecki 
 +48 41 365 14 32

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