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Bobolice is looking for possible business partners for the construction

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: | 2015-01-26 10:22:25

of the House of Old Age

Bobolice, a municipality located in West Pomeranian region in the North-West part of Poland is looking for possible business partners for the construction of the House of Old Age along with land development. The project is to be carried out on a 14,6916 ha plot, owned by the municipality, located in the city of Bobolice.

The main tasks of the project will involve construction, financing and managing the House of Old Age, intended for permanent residence of senior citizens in Bobolice. The building and its surrounding infrastructure should be modern and comfortable and adjusted to the needs of the elderly. The advantageous location of the plot should be used to maximize the standard of living in the planned House of Old Age. The area in which the project is to be located is rich in forests and clean lakes. Moreover, the city of Bobolice lies in close proximity to coastal towns and the Baltic Sea.

The project is planned to be carried out as a public-private partnership. Within this framework, the possible business partner can expect the Bobolice municipality to share some tasks and risks as well as expect full cooperation in order to realize the project.

The deadline for submitting applications is 11:00 am on 16th February 2015. Detailed information on the subject of the notification along with attachments are posted on the website - in the Economy section, tab Public Procurement and on the notification boards of the City Hall in Bobolice.

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